5 Reasons Why Education Is Extremely Important

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Education is the most important factor in all our lives. Without the light of education, people will live in the darkness of ignorance, innocence, lack of awareness and illiteracy. So without education with no doubt the world would be doomed. Did you ever think how education and literacy differs? People around the globe are making the debate interesting by bringing out a striking difference between education and literacy. So here are some of the reasons as to why education is important.

1.     Knowledge and awareness:

Today, along with food, clothing and shelter, education to has also become a basic necessity of humankind without which man will not be able to survive. Knowledge is the key to man’s survival, and that’s what makes him fit enough to exist in this technology-driven world. So it is knowledge and awareness that a person gets through education.

2.     Employment:

It is through employment that a person can make a decent living. Education is the basic factor that determines the employment that a person deserves. Through employment, the person gets a better employment opportunity and thereby can make a better living. So this again is a basic reason as to why education is important.

3.     Increases the standard of living:

When good employment opportunity is backed by a great standard of living, the person is able to increase his standard of living. Better standard of living increases the buying and consumption pattern of the person. When the purchasing power of a person increases, it increases the production power of the nation as well. A nation with more number of literates is the nation that earns a better status in the global platform.

4.     Better Social Image:

At the end of the day, all of us yearn for a better social image. With the increase in the standard of education and the growth of technology, it is knowledge and awareness that increases a person’s participation in the societal affairs. This will also avoid societal embarrassment, and literates will be able to move with a better class of people.

5.     Political Awareness:

It is this education that keeps us from being deceived by rulers and people in authority.  It is this education and awareness that brought us out of unfair monarchy and bonds of slavery. Many countries that were under the rule of other countries were liberated only when the learned men of the society joined hands to fight against unfair rules that were laid on them. Even today it is education that helps us to be politically aware of the happenings and prevents us from being fooled.

Education vs Literacy:

Yes, literacy and education are two different things. All learned men are literates, but not all literates are learned men. Literacy is merely the act of learning things from books and qualifying yourself by testing the same knowledge. But education is different. Education is when your analytical skills grow, and you are capable of applying all that you have learnt in real life. This is how the terms education and literacy differ.


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