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Living Costs in Western Australia

Approximate Accommodation and Living Costs (for a single person)


  • $200-$280 AUD per week


  • $240-$260 AUD per week


  • $25-$35 AUD per night


  • $75 AUD per week

Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone

  • $25 AUD per week

Public Transport

  • $25 AUD per week

Laundry, Dry Cleaning

  • $15 AUD per week

Clothing, Toiletries, Entertainment

  • $50 AUD per week

Books & Stationery

  • $10 AUD per week

Extra-curricular Activities (if chosen)

  • $20 AUD per week

Migration Regulations

All students applying for student visas should be aware of the Migration Regulations relating to funds required to cover living costs in Australia.

From January 1st 2010, the basic rate of living costs under the Migration Regulations increased from the previous rate of A$12,000 per year. Under these regulations prospective Student visa applicants and ther family members must have access to the following funds to meet the living costs requirements :

  • $18,000 per year for the main student
  • $6,300 per year for the students partner
  • $3,600 per year for the students first child
  • $2,700 per year for every other child; and where required
  • demonstrate that the funds they are relying upon to meet the costs of studying in Australia will be genuinely available to them during their stay in Australia