Focus of Kingston International College’s venture in China is to help Chinese students develop their English language ability to a functional level. This will give the students the confidence to use English as a medium of conversation and serve as a fundamental step leading to study overseas.

The intention of the Kingston International College management team is to provide high quality English language tuition at a minimal cost to Chinese students. The management team has a long term view of helping each student and treating this duty seriously as part of the school’s commitment to rebuilding the society.

The philosophy adopted by Kingston International College is to deliver the English language tuition in the secondary school system (the Chinese call it Middle School), which is composed of three years junior and three years senior high school. Having six years of study will give the Chinese students a very strong grounding in English language, raising their English language ability to a level equivalent to or better than that of other non English speaking countries. The adoption of this long term plan will assure the success of the system.

Our Associate Schools in China

1. Shijiazhuang, Hebei

The Jing Ying Education Group has 7,000 full time students. The school covers 25 acres and has a fixed capital amount of RMB200 million. The school is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province, known for its rich tourism resources and convenient location. Shijiazhuang is also a hub for culture and economy, hosting a population of 2 million. The aim of the group is to develop modern teaching ideals and improve teaching quality in order to become the largest, most renowned school in China.

Course delivery started September 2004 with Junior 1 high school and Senior 1 high school.

Department of Education and Training, Western Australia – Agency Agreement
Kingston International College has been appointed by the Department of Education and Training, Western Australia, as agents for the purpose of marketing the Department’s educational programs and recruiting international students in the Department’s International Student Program. Overseas students who wish to study at government high schools in Western Australia should contact Kingston International College for further information.

International Education Training Center, National Center for Education Development Research, Ministry of Education, P.R China
International Education Training Center is an affiliated organisation under the leadership of the National Center for Education Development Research, Ministry of Education, P.R China. The center was established with the main goal of providing services for China education reform and development by introducing high quality educational resources from overseas and developing international cooperation and exchange.

Kingston International College has built up a strong relationship with the center. The center introduces to Kingston International College the best high schools in China. Through a collaborative effort the three parties have developed and implemented an international high school program. Students from these Chinese high schools come to Kingston International College in Australia to study for one and half years to finish Year 11 and Year 12, with the aim of entering an Australian university to complete their higher education.