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Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfers

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and credit transfers may be available.

What is Skills Recognition?

Skills Recognition, also known as Recognition of Current Competencies or Recognition of Prior Learning, is designed to help you obtain recognition for your knowledge and skills.

Skills Recognition acknowledges skills and knowledge obtained through:

  • formal training (conducted by industry or educational institutions in Australia or overseas)
  • work experience (informal training)
  • life experience

The main focus is on learning outcomes of these experiences, not on how, when or where the learning occurred.

As an applicant you will be able to demonstrate your skill and knowledge levels through:

1. Evidence which may include,

  • documentation (letters or other papers which demonstrate that you have the required skills such as assessment results from other assessors, performance reviews, awards or prizes for work or learning);
    references from employers, clients (verbal or written);
  • certificates (copies of certificates, diplomas, statements of attendance, statements of attainment or results from a relevant course);
  • licences (interstate or overseas);
  • proof of employment (payslips, group certificates, computer records).

2. Interview

3. Challenge testing against the assessment criteria of the course.

Skills Recognition enables you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge so that you can obtain either of the following:

  • Statement of Attainment This is issued if achievement of the competencies required for a full qualification is incomplete. It is also recognised nationally by government and industry through the Australian Recognition Framework.
  • Certificate of Attainment This is issued if achievement of the competencies required for a full qualification is complete. It is also recognised nationally by government and industry through the Australian Recognition Framework.


How do I know whether my evidence for Skills Recognition is applicable?

A brief checklist:

Is it valid?

  • Does the evidence gathered support the performance (or assessment) criteria?

Is it authentic?

  • Is the supporting evidence genuine?

Is it current?

  • Can you still perform to the level shown in the evidence?
  • Are the skills and knowledge shown in the evidence still relevant?

Is it sufficient?

  • Does the evidence cover all of the assessment/performance criteria for a given learning outcome or unit of competence?

Is it reliable?

  • Is the supporting evidence consistent? That is, does the evidence gathered in a range of situations indicate the same or similar outcomes?


What is Skills Recognition Process?

1. Complete the enclosed application form, and gather together any documentation which supports your claim for Skills Recognition.

2. Submit copies of these to KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE at the above address with an application fee of $50. Please note that there is a processing fee of $60/unit and $300/course applied for.

After meeting with a staff member, your application will be assessed and a quote will be provided to you for the full assessment of your claim.

A qualified assessor who is also an experienced industry person will then evaluate your application and supporting evidence.

Where appropriate, the assessor will:

  • confirm the source of the documentation
  • establish the authenticity of the information contained in the documentation
  • request further information to support your application

3. The assessor from KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE will interview you and in conjunction with an evaluation of the submitted evidence and additional demonstration of competency as required, evaluate whether you hold all or some of the required competencies for the issue of the Certificate being applied for.

4. After the following assessment/interview KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE may find that you:

  • hold some of the required competencies: you will be requested to undergo a partial assessment in relation to the gap competencies;
  • hold none of the required competencies: you will be required to complete a full assessment for the Certificate applied for and complete further supervised training;
  • need to provide further documentary evidence of relevant work experience / academic study to enable the application to receive further consideration;
  • hold all the required competencies and can be issued with a Certificate in recognition of the relevant qualification.
  • have learning needs that you may wish to have addressed through a customised training programme.

5. If further assessment is required, a suitable place, date and time will be arranged at which you will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to an assessor. The assessor will guide you through this process and provide feedback on how you went. If further training is required, you will be advised of course dates and times. Some gaps may be simply knowledge based and you will be able to organize your own learning through accessing books, legislation or through mentoring by experienced industry personnel.

6. If you are unhappy for some reason with the outcome of the Skills Recognition/assessment process, contact KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE to find out about the appeal process.

7. Following completion of the Skills Recognition process, you will receive written notification of the results and the appropriate Certificate/Statement of Attainment will be issued.

If you wish to discuss aspects of the Skills Recognition process with an experienced assessor, please contact the Director of Studies at KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE on (08) 9228 8288

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