Why Free Education Is Important For Nations?

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We are living in a world that buys water and food that are naturally available. Talking about education becoming free is quite unlikely. However, in a debate that talks about ‘should education be made free or not’, undoubtedly a lot of us would like to take the side of education being made free. Education, for a lot of reasons, is the most important thing that falls in line with necessities of man. There are a lot of reasons as to why education should be made free of cost, and we have listed them below.

Basic right:

Right to education has gone global, and a right that all of us should enjoy. Speaking of which, it is not an issue if education is made free. This is the major reason as to why education has to be made free of cost. If it is a basic right that all of us have to enjoy education, then why not make it free. Education is still something that is out of the affordable range for a lot of people. If that is the case, then it isn’t fair in calling education a basic right. If education is made free, it will enable a lot of people, in fact, all the people, to get and provide education. Education can change the fate of many. It can improve awareness and increase the standard of living of the people.

Global growth:

The economic growth of the global population is possible only with the help of global literacy. It is only with the help of education people will be able to improve the standard of living. Better standard of living improves the affordability and the purchasing power of the person. Better purchasing power will increase the selling pattern, production percentage and in turn the growth of the economy. Most of us fail to see this long-term goal, and it is pitiable that even nations fail to recognise the importance of education from this perspective. As nations grow, it will cater to global growth. It is a vicious cycle that will prove for the betterment of the economy. This is why free education is a must.

Is it possible?

While we have significant reasons to validate our stand of catering free education globally, the next question arises: Is it possible? Educating a child is fine, educating a hundred might be possible but educating a million kids in one go is definitely a farfetched dream. But if you think of it a bit out of the box, you might yourself find a solution for this question. I strongly believe that it is possible to provide education for free. Imagine removing all the perks that we will ever get from the government, let’s kill of the freebies that we get to enjoy, will that not be enough to provide education for free. With the growth of technology and it is not impossible for the global economy to provide education for free. Know More

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