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“Quality of Care and Quality of Delivery”
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About Kingston

Our Goal

The School

  • To establish a school that is truly international through our partnerships with reputable world class educational institutions worldwide, to provide students with the right educational environment.

The Students

  • Developing our students to compete effectively in life and become successes in all the ways that matter.

The Teachers

  • Motivating teachers who are focussed to assist students to be happy, balanced, inspired, effective and able to adapt quickly to the world.

Our Mission


  • To accelerate student progress through innovation and help them reach their goals faster.


  • To provide a superb life-changing education and a passion for imparting knowledge and developing students to their full potential.


  • To motivate, inspire and provide an absolute moment of realisation for our students.

What it means

To develop and challenge our students mentally, physically and spiritually. To give them warm and happy memories and help them progress in life through education. To really listen, care, and understand them. To grow with them and bring them to achieve their dreams.