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“Quality of Care and Quality of Delivery”
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Founders Message

A Message from the Founder of Kingston International College

Welcome to Kingston International College.

When we established Kingston International College the challenge was to provide our students with the best courses, taught in an exciting and dynamic way, as well as giving them exposure to the Australian way of life.

A real world curriculum

To achieve the first objective we have selected only those courses that give our students the knowledge and tools they need to get ahead in the real world. Where we have found prescribed courses fell short of those aims we have designed our own.

Having a great course curriculum is only the first step in providing an excellent education. For our students to reap the benefit of a good course we have selected the best teachers and educators we can find. All of our teachers are highly qualified, dynamic, and enthusiastic about ensuring our students get the education they deserve.

A new way to learn

To provide our students with a well rounded education we have created Kingston Discovery. This exciting initiative gives our students the opportunity to meet and work with Australians from all walks of life, and experience the true Ozzie way of life. For our students, their education at Kingston is much more than just course work.

Providing global opportunities

Today we live in a global economy with an international work force. In recognition of this Kingston International College offers courses that will give our students the opportunity to understand and prepare themselves for the global challenges of the future.

The right decision

Kingston International College intends to provide a truly global education for our students.

You have made the right decision in considering Kingston International College to assist you in this journey.

Justin Charles Vaughan Bearne, Bsc. Hons. Kings College, London, UK

Kingston International College, Founder.