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“Quality of Care and Quality of Delivery”
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What our students say

Hear what our students have to say about us! Read a testimonial.

Rochma Novita Gunawati from Indonesia is currently studying her Certificate IV in International Trade

Kingston International College provides the best courses and services with affordable price.They have the best staffs, best subjects, etc.

Everything I learned (for example: how to do promotions, how to provide good customer service, how to do presentations, etc.) helps me to do my job now. Sometimes I ask my teacher about something I dont really understand about my job and he will help me.

When I have problems with my study (time), Kingstons staff always help me. All the staff are very friendly and helpful.Its a great pleasure to study at Kingston International College.

Prabhdeep Singh from India completed his Diploma of Hospitality in July 2011

I got my Hospitality diploma done at Kingston International College under the guidance of trainers Cheekwong and Cheemon.

Now I am a qualified chef and have a bright future and all credit goes to our Chef Cheekwong Ho.

Thank you,

Prabhdeep Singh

Luca Beccarelli from Italy completed his Intermediate Level General Enlgish Course

This year was my second experience at Kingston International College. It has been an amazing experience and I also had a good time. I have enjoyed all the classes and felt part of a family.

Actually for me this has been like a second family, a big family!

I want to say ‘Thank You’ to all the staff of this school to all the teachers who have believed in me and made it possible to improve my English.

I know my English is not perfect but I know it has improved enough and for me this is very important.

Last but not least I want to say ‘Thank You’ to all my class mates. They have become very special friends in such a short time. In my country we have a saying, ‘ Chi tova un amico, trova un tesoro’ – to find a good friend is to find a treasure. I’m sure I’ve found a goldmine.

We are strangers, different in nationality but with a lot in common. We are all aliens in Australia and we have shared good and bad experiences in the land down under as if we were brothers and sisters.

We might come to the class stressed or bored but inside of this class this feeling soon disappears.

I don’t know if in the future I will attend another course but I will never forget these fantastic months. It has been an honour to study with all of you.

Thank you

Luca Beccarelli

Ping Yiu Lai (Ronnie) from Hong Kong is currently studying Certificate III in Hospitality

Hi everyone,

My name is Ronnie and I come from Hong Kong. Today I am very happy that I can share my study experience to all of you here. It is fantastic that I have finally found my interest in Hospitality course.

Personally, I didnt like to study and I hated to go to school. But when I first came to Kingston International College to study English, I knew I had made a mistake in judgement. Study is not boring ans is not designed for your exam. The programs here are designed very well and the teachers are full of teaching experience. They make it easy for us to study and make us feel enjoyable in English class.

I have made a lot of friends here, even though we come from different Countries. Now I have finished my English class and started my Hospitality course. I hope I can gain more knowledge from this course and make a good career in the future.

Once again I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and staff in Kingston International College.

John Friquin from Mauritius is currently studying Diploma of Marketing

The following comment is about Philip (instructor in Diploma of Marketing). In my opinion, I think Philip is by far the best instructor we have had in Kingston International College during the past two years.

Why???Firstly, he doesnt make you waste your time, and he really tries and make sure that you understand everything hes teaching you. Then, by giving you some comprehensive explanations of how things really are and works. He make what I thought impossible much easier.

He also very knowledgeable and know his craft. Hes friendly and approachable, which provide us a good learning environment.

Israa Qahtan Sameen from Iraq just completed her Intermediate Level General English Course

I had a good time in Kingston. All my teachers helped me to improve my English and I made many friends from different Countries.

I enjoyed all my time in Kingston both in class and when we were outside the school when we talked to people on the street. We also had many interesting activities in class.

Antoine Ally from Seichelles attended our IELTS Preparation Course

Dear Teachers, Colleague and Friends,

I wish to thank you all of you who made my stay at Kingston enjoyable. I took my IELTS exam after I finish my course at KIC and I got 7.5 overall. I sincerely think that without the dedication of the teachers at Kingston I would have never had achieved such a feat.

Once again thank you and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year.

Warmest regards,

Antoine Ally

Testimonial from Lakhvinder Singhgraduated in 2010 in Certificate IV in Hospitality

I am very grateful for the Chefs’ support to get my permanent residency. I am working in Charlotte’s Vineyard Restaurant in Ellenbrook at the moment. I really like the course I did in Kingston International College and I would like to send my great appreciation to my chef Cheekwong for advising me to work in Charlotte’s Vineyard restaurant. I like my workplace and am currently working as a head chef in this restaurant.

Even during my studies, chef always told me to work hard with honesty. I’m glad I listened to the chef so I could get my permanent residency in 5 months. I love my trainers and would definitely recommend anyone to study Hospitality in Kingston.

Testimonial from Sukhdeep Singh graduated in 2009 in Certificate III in Hospitality

“I enjoyed learning my Hospitality course in Kingston International College. The trainers are very nice and they helped me a lot during my studies. Chef Cheekwong gave me many good advices on how to plan my career and what I need to be aware when entering the workforce.

Studying Hospitality in KIC was not only about learning the theoretical and practical knowledge but also about how to become a professional chef. I am very glad that I have taken this course and would like to thank everyone in the VET side for helping me during my studies.”

Testimonial from Marie Joanita Martial

Existing student in Certificate III in Hospitality (30/01/2012-14/12/2012)

Currently working as a chef in Breakwater Restaurant (Hillary Boat Harbour, WA)

“I am very happy and very thankful to my two awesome trainers who have given me much of their time, knowledge and love. They were very helpful whenever I required any assistance. The course itself was great and the classmates were very cooperative.

I still have a lot to learn and know that the learning did not end when the course did. I do feel however that the education the course provided to me in terms of content and delivery was my high expectation.

Today I am using all that knowledge and experience in my workplace at Breakwater Restaurant. This course is really something that I will always be proud of having completed, and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone considering it (studying Hospitality course).”

A letter from Hailin Hu (China), winner of the PEC Picture Yourself in Perth Study Tour scholarship.

Aug. 25th, 2010

Dear Kingston College,

I really feel honored to have studied in your college which has two elegant classic buildings, warm-hearted staff, free study environment and teachers with rich experience to teach the students from all over the world. And I think it will be an unforgettable memory for my life. Thanks to your scholarship and the organization of PEC, I was able to have this valuable opportunity to travel and study in WA for two weeks. Not only has my English improved during this study period, but my scientific horizon was expanded as well. So has my understanding of the lifestyle which is quite different to that I had experienced before.

First, Id like to talk about the English course. I found it really effective to learn a course that was a combination of FCE, which required skills such as reading, listening, writing and grammar, and General English, which was full of words and sentences used in every aspect of our daily life. Not to mention my skilful teachers, Rita and Andre, who were never tired of correcting my grammar and pronunciation and always felt like communicating with us to make us know of the cultures and customs all over the world. Whats more, we didnt always stay in our classroom. Instead, the teacher used Internet, TV and many other ways to make us exposed to English.

Also, I can never neglect the activity the school organized for us. We had various wonderful movies, multicultural International lunch and many other activities that enriched our spare time. Thanks to Danni, who was just like your elder sister and made everything run smoothly and full of feeling of a family, we always enjoyed ourselves. And that‟s also the feeling of Kingston, where everyone far from their homes knows each other and shares the sense of a family. To help us five students from Shanghai enjoy more in Perth, PEC and Kingston arranged many activities. We went to the Perth Mint to learn the history of the explorers, enjoyed our Saturday morning on the beach, fed kangaroos at the wildlife park, and visited UWA and Curtin University to learn the latest researches being carried on in Australia. And the most amazing day was yesterday, when we drove for an hour to explore the Gravity Discovery Center, where we learned a vital wave in the space called Gravity Wave. When Einstein predicted its existence, he also said, surprisingly, that human beings would never measure it because it has so little energy. „But people do try to break the second prediction down, said Dr. Miao, a researcher who was focusing on this subject and who was Also our guide. He explained the principal of the Gravity Wave, which is almost hardest one in the world to us vividly with the easiest words and lovely smile on his face, so we quickly made friends with the old boy. What he displayed was not only his knowledge but also the confidence of the human beings to face any challenge. Whats more, the study environment in Perth and Kingston is fairly good. Due to the slow life pace, I could always keep calm with my study. And thats very important to a learner or researcher. And as an International college, Kingston provides a free and multicultural study atmosphere, where we can learn different customs, habits, and personalities as well as English, which is necessary for our future life.

In fact, I should have written much more. I ought to thank my homestaymum Liana, who gave me comfortable accommodation and helped me to get used to the life here. I‟d like to thank Alice and Jain of Kingston College, who always helped me deal with any problems. I should thank Nancy and Angelina of PEC who arranged all the fantastic activities, and Chris Chen, our supervisor who always kept me company. Thank all of you for giving me such a wonderful and moving time.Time passes by quickly, forcing me to say goodbye to this beautiful city. But I think the knowledge I learnt here, the friends I made here and the memory I got here will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Yours Sincerely,

Hailin Hu