Kingston Discovery is our special individualised programme to help students really experience Australia.

Coming to a new city or country can be a difficult experience, and international students sometimes find it hard to make Australian friends. This is where Kingston is different from other schools! Everyone has a hobby or an interest, and we help our students meet Australians with the same interests – a natural way to make friends.

Our Kingston Discovery Counsellor will meet you in your first week and match your hobbies and interests to a variety of opportunities in areas such as:

  • volunteer work
  • sporting activities
  • short study classes

Your Kingston Discovery Counsellor is also available to help you throughout your course, so that as your interests develop or change we can continue to help you.

Students have enjoyed a wide range of volunteer placements, including:

  • in schools
  • old people’s homes
  • conservation programmes
  • a television station
  • even Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre!

Other students have made friends by joining soccer teams, going to aerobics or yoga classes, while others have joined clubs for things like cooking or salsa dancing.

Whatever you are interested in, our Kingston Discovery Counsellor will try to find a club or activity to suit you.

You do not have to pay extra for Kingston Discovery – it is all part of our service to our students. Most of the activities are also completely free, although a small number of external clubs/activities may charge fees.