Learning English through music quiz

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Teachers in Kingston International College are experimenting more interesting ways of teaching by introducing students to all kinds of  music.

Our Upper-Intermediate day class teacher Glen recently organized a music quiz for his students, which was fun and enjoyed by everyone in that class. The music quiz consisted of six songs. Students were given the lyrics of these six songs but some words were missing so they had to listen to each song and work in pairs to fill in the gaps. The group with the most points wins.

First of all, we would like to congratulate our winners of this quiz Henry Wilotekto and Junho Seo. Henry is from Indonesia and has been studying English with us since January this year. He will go on to study Cert III in Business Administration in April. Junho is from South Korea and he has been studying with us since August 2012. They are both described by their teacher as hard-working students.

Glen has been running this quiz since he started working in Kingston. He believes this is a great way for students to learn English. By listening to songs and filling in the gaps, students  can actually improve not only their listening but also grammar, and spelling. It also makes learning English more interesting.

In fact, some students are so interested in this quiz that even after they finished studying with Glen, they want to come back and participate in the activity.

Here in Kingston, we are always searching for innovative ways to teach our students and we hope to bring more dynamic teaching styles to our classrooms in the future.

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