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News and Events

KIC Scholarship helps students in needs

VET Director of Studies Dr. Eby Mathew was invited by Murdoch University last week to present Kingston International College Scholarship to the 2013 recipient Navisha Kalasopatan.

This annual scholarship of AUD$1000 is sponsored by Kingston International College. It is awarded for academic excellence by an international student enrolled in second or third year within the School of Management and Governance. The purpose of this award is to provide financial help to students who achieve academic excellence.

In a Thank-You letter to Kingston International College, our recipient Miss Kalasopatan wrote that “this award provides me not only with much needed material support but, perhaps more importantly, with a tremendous moral boost. It reinforces my faith that commitment and hard work are rewarded.”

Kingston International College hopes to provide more assistance in the future to help students with excellent academic performance.

Below is the letter that Navisha wrote to express her gratitude to our College

6 April 2017

Dear Eby Mathew,

I would like to place on record my very deep appreciation to your institution for the award of the Kingston College Scholarship to me.

Scholarship opportunities for international undergraduate students are very rare and I am very grateful to Kingston College for its kind consideration of this category of students.

This award provides me not only with much needed material support but, perhaps more importantly, with a tremendous moral boost. It reinforces my faith that commitment and hard work are rewarded.

Please be assured that I will make judicious use of the award and will be forever grateful to Kingston College.

With best regards,


$300 million wage boost for Childcare workers

There has never been a better time like now to become a qualified childcare worker in Australia. The Federal Government recently announced that $300 million funding will be put into childcare centres around the country to boost childcare workers’ wages.

In order to help childcare centres to maintain qualified staff and to give parents a peace of mind, the Federal Government will provide a $3 per hour pay increase by July to childcare workers with a Certificate III qualification. This equates to a 15 per cent pay increase for our childcare workers.

Childcare centres will have to commit to reasonable fee charges for providing care in order to be eligible for the funds. They also need to commit to limit fee increases to the actual cost of providing care.

According to ABC news, the chief of Early Childhood Australia, Samantha Page, states that the funding is a good start but it does not replace the need for a long-term strategy on how to meet the higher costs of improving quality in child care.

The Federal Government is planning to introduce more strategies to assist childcare workers, in order to reduce staff turnover rate in childcare centres.

Kingston is sponsoring Western Australia Charity Group

Kingston International College has officially started its journey in helping Western Australians living with vision loss.

With the first donation we made to Association for the Blind of WA, the organization is on the way of making two wonderful new educational initiatives for their Guide Dog program a reality.

This money will be used to install a new path on the association’s Guide Dog training area so that instructors can walk and train their Guide Dogs on a continual circuit. The path will be used to train dogs to negotiate obstacles and allow them to work on different surfaces.

KIC will also fund the South of the River Guide Dog “School Run” and make regular donations to the organization in the future. In addition, we have placed a mini dog in our reception to raise more money for this association.

Pathway to University

Kingston International College is pleased to announce that our request for articulation with Edith Cowan University has been approved.

Courses that are articulated with ECU include Diploma of Children’s Services, Diploma of Hospitality, Diploma of Marketing and Diploma of International Business. Students who successfully complete these courses could gain advanced standing of up to 8 units (120 credit points) towards certain courses in ECU.

Students who successfully complete Diploma of Children Services could gain advanced standing of up to 6 units (90 credit points) towards Bachelor of Science (Psychology); 8 units (120 credit points) towards Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) or Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Services).

Students who successfully complete Diploma of Hospitality could gain advanced standing of up to 4 units (60 credit points) towards Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Students who successfully complete Diploma of Marketing could gain advanced standing of up to 4 units (60 credit points) in Bachelor of Business.

Upon completion of Diploma of International Business, student can also get advanced standing of up to 4 units (60 credit points) in Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Tourism Management, Bachelor of Event, Sport and Recreation Management and Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Posted on 8.03.2017

Learning English through music quiz

Teachers in Kingston International College are experimenting more interesting ways of teaching by introducing students to all kinds of music.

Our Upper-Intermediate day class teacher Glen recently organized a music quiz for his students, which was fun and enjoyed by everyone in that class. The music quiz consisted of six songs. Students were given the lyrics of these six songs but some words were missing so they had to listen to each song and work in pairs to fill in the gaps. The group with the most points wins.

First of all, we would like to congratulate our winners of this quiz Henry Wilotekto and Junho Seo. Henry is from Indonesia and has been studying English with us since January this year. He will go on to study Cert III in Business Administration in April. Junho is from South Korea and he has been studying with us since August 2012. They are both described by their teacher as hard-working students.

Glen has been running this quiz since he started working in Kingston. He believes this is a great way for students to learn English. By listening to songs and filling in the gaps, students can actually improve not only their listening but also grammar, and spelling. It also makes learning English more interesting.

In fact, some students are so interested in this quiz that even after they finished studying with Glen, they want to come back and participate in the activity.

Here in Kingston, we are always searching for innovative ways to teach our students and we hope to bring more dynamic teaching styles to our classrooms in the future.

Posted on 31.01.2017

Christmas Lunch and Carols Sing Along

It is the time of year again when trees are lightened up, gifts are wrapped and the joyful sound of Christmas carols are flying in the air. In order to celebrate this blissful season, our teachers from General English course organized a Christmas lunch on 20th December 2012 and it was followed by a Christmas carol singing competition, which was enjoyed by all of our students and staff members.

We had so much tasty food cooked by our teachers and students. Everyone had a great time chatting with each other and the singing competition was even better. Students from each level showed their talents in singing, chorography, dancing. Some of our students also showed us our talents in limbo dancing and surprised everyone with their skills.

We also had a small graduation afterwards. It was sad to see some of our students leaving but we are happy for them and are so proud of their achievements. There is nothing better than seeing our students improve in all aspects everyday and we wish our fresh graduates all the best in the future.

Last but not least, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year~ See you in 2013!

Posted on 21.12.2016

KIC welcomes Central Tafe students for work placement

Kingston International College wishes to extend our warmest welcome to Central TAFE student Yurika Calkin, who is doing work placement in our school at the moment. She will be with us for two weeks and her main duties will be assisting Administration and ELICOS officers in completing daily tasks.

Since mid July last year, we have been working closely with Central TAFE to provide work placements for their students. Many of them enjoyed the time working here and have been close friends with our staff members ever since. Some of them took on full time positions after finishing their work experience and still enjoy working in Kingston.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome the latest member of our family Mansi.

Mansidid work placement with us in September as an account assistant. After completing her workplacement, she was offered a permanent position as account assistant in our school and has been working with us since October.

She described the school as one big happy family and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to do work experience with us.

We wish Mansi and Yukira all the best and we are looking forward to providing working placements for more students in the as one big happy family and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to do work experience with us.

Posted on 06.12.2016

KIC meets the Association for the Blind of WA

Kingston International College always believes in helping others if we have the ability to do so, we therefore have been working closely with Association for the Blind of WA and is very pleased to announce that we will be a sponsor for this organization.

On 27th November 2012, Ms Siobhan and Ms Teena from Association for the Blind of WA were invited by the college to give an interesting and educational presentation to our students and staff members. It was a great success and was enjoyed by all our participants. The speakers are also very impressed with our students and the questions they asked.

Since its establishment in 1913, the organization has helped many by providing life changing services such as trained guide dogs, vision tests, formal and informal social activities and activities for children. Kingston International College will make regular donations to the association to assist them in training guide dogs and building facilities for those that are in need.

Apart from assisting the organization financially, we will also incorporate related- projects with our academic curriculum. For students who want to take Certificate IV in Marketing, one of their assignments will be raising fund for the association by being a Mini Dog Collector. This activity will help our students to improve marketing-related skills which might be hard to learn through conventional teaching.

We are also planning to arrange ongoing One-Day Volunteer program with the association for our students and staff members. It will help students to improve their English skills and provide a different teaching environment for our teachers as well. All participants will receive a certificate of appreciation from the association afterwards.

We think this will be a great opportunity to assist the organization and educate our students as well. We are extremely excited about up-coming projects associated with the organization and are looking forward to arranging volunteer activities for everyone in Kingston.

Posted on 03.12.2016

Hospitality Trainer selected as Member of The Executive Chefs Club

We are pleased to announce that our Hospitality Trainer Cheekwong Ho has been selected as an Honorary Member of the Executive Chefs Club.

Chef Cheekwong will be attending the Executive Chefs Club meeting organized by Mel Nathan, Publishing Editor of Food Companion International and hosted by The Star Casino in Sydney’s CBD.

Food Companion International has been organizing this annual meeting over the years and has generated many great reviews in the past. Executive chefs, food and hospitality professionals from all over the country will be attending this January event.

We wish to congratulate Chef Cheekwong for being selected to participate in such wonderful event. He is described by students and staff members as organized, caring, and efficient. He is an award winning chef with over 45 years of experience in the culinary world. His impressive career began with professional training from world renowned chefs and academies from a number of countries such as France, Germany, America, Singapore and Bahrain.

Trainer Cheekwong’s professional repertoire includes catering for State Banquets, for the Royal Palace in Bahrain and for the GCC Summit Conference for the Head of State in the Middle East. He also worked as Executive Chef in various hotels and restaurants in Australia.

We all hope he will enjoy this gathering and looking forward to hearing about his experience when he returns.

Posted on 30.11.2016

BBQ Lunch organized by VET staff and students

Thanks to our lovely staff and students in Kingston International College, the BBQ lunch held on 14th November was a huge success!

Around 120 students and staff members came for the tasty summer feast.

We all had a blast and it was a great opportunity for students and teachers to get together and enjoy some yummy food in this lovely weather.

Most importantly, we had six students from Cert III in Hospitality help us to prepare and cook the food. Without their help, this BBQ would have never been possible. We would like to give special thanks to them, and also to our VET Director of Studies Eby Mathew, Hospitality Trainer Cheemun Ho, Cert III in Business Administration trainer Jimmy Kho, our lovely Administration Officer Sally Ha and everyone who helped during the event.

They all say a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out some awesome pictures from the lunch and hopefully we will see you in our next event!

BBQ Lunch at Kingston

Posted on 30.11.2016

Kingston proudly sponsors Colombian Fiesta

Kingston International College is proudly supporting Azucar Colombian Costume Party on October 27th.

AZUCAR, the sweetest night in Perth, is going to be LOCA with the biggest Colombian costume fiesta in Perth. The party will be held at Kings Perth Hotel, one of Perths most centrally located, situated in the heart of the CBD, 525 Hay Street.

Activities included in the party will be:

- Shows, raffles and $100 prize for the best costume;

- Special Colombian menu with PICADA;

- Introductory Salsa lessons;

- Salsa, Merengue, Vallenato, Cumbia and many more Latin rhythms.

Tickets available from Kingston International College at just $20. For international students there is a 25% discount!

For bookings and information please contact DJ Sergio AG

M: 0401 530 202 0403 614 373 email:

Posted on 6.10.2016

Kingston works with volunteer organization to help kids in Africa

There is nothing better than creating positive impact on people’s lives, and this is exactly what Kingston representative Cynthia Tan did when she worked with MozVolunteers to help under-privileged kids in South Africa this June.

In Kingston, we have always been strong believers that we can improve ourselves through helping others. Director Paul Tan once said: “It has always been a belief of the college that if we are in a capable position to provide for the less fortunate then we are in our right to do so.” The school therefore has been working with organizations like Mozvolunteers in order to change people’s lives for the better.

As a representative for Kingston International College, Cynthia recently participated in a community project initiated by MozVolunteers, which is a family-run organization that continuously aims to create a better and sustainable living environment for people in South Africa and Mozambique.

During her stay, Cynthia had an incredible opportunity to look after some amazing kids in a child centre, and became extremely close friends with them. The kids in the child centre have all been abused in various ways. Many of them also come from HIV/AIDS background as the area she was working in has a 75% HIV rate amongst women of birth age. The places they live in have little furniture and some kids have to share clothes with each other. They have limited access to basic necessities such as food and clean water, which are the things we normally take for granted.

Even though these kids come from such troublesome background, they still have big dreams and aspirations for their future. They might be small and young, but their determination of realizing their dreams is so strong that even adults like us revere.
Cynthia said meeting these kids and helping them has changed her life forever and also made her realize how privileged she is. This incredible experience has also given her an insight into the poverty and HIV/AIDS cycle which she wasn’t aware of previously. She really enjoyed every minute of this experience and is looking forward to going back there someday.

As a school, we are looking forward to inviting our students and staff members to participate in projects organized by Mozvolunteers in the future. We believe education should not only focus on textbooks and exams, but also on spiritual growth. We believe any help, even the one that seems quite insignificant at the time, will generate great influence in the long run.

Click here to see more pictures


Posted on 3.10.2016